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Final Referenced & Experimental L10 boards

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ACDC5VT81 Power Supply L10 x 80 concept, Power Supply voltage injection to bus bar
Audio amplifier Little amplifier baset in TDA2030 Operational, output 18W max
LIN01SCC Gain and threshold variable sensor adapter, Instrument Amplifier
POT31 2N3055 darlington transistor, Voltage Regulator
Audio Oscillator Two NE555 audio oscillator, with vibrato
REL24 Double driver relay on power bus 24Vdc
VCO Voltage Control Oscillator
Waveform converter Experimental waveform converter
PWM PWM Pulse With Modulator and Suboctave divider
ACDC15VT2 Power Supply Unit 15V
ACDC1515 Symmetrical Power Supply Unit 15V
GEN50HZ 50Hz 2.8VA PSU Oscillator
GEN4060 Digital Clock Generator
INTER01 Monitor Interface TTL
MC22V10 Evaluation Board for GAL22V10
MC8751 Evaluation Board for 8751H
MCU803144 Micro Controler Unit MCS51 in 80C31
Octave1 Keyboard A Octave Keyboard divider
OPT04 @ LOG24V Optocoupler 4-channel 24Vdc
POT34 H Bridge, Driver for DC Motors
REL11 Quad driver relay on power bus bar 12Vdc
RS232L10 RS232-TTL converter monitor
RSPNP10 @_LOG24V Set Reset latch @ 24Vdc signal
Tester Servo Circuit Tester for model making hobby servo
UAA180 Led bar voltimetre
Zocal 20 Experimental board 300mill zocal 20 pins

Generic Functions

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AC to DC Power Supply Generic Power Supply L10 concept, several voltage injection to bus bar
Battery Power Supply Generic Battery Supply L10 concept, several voltage injection to bus bar
Relais Box Generic 4 Relais board L10 concept, until 6A AC resistive load
H Bridge Box Generic Motor Driver L10 concept, until 8A DC resitive load

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