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Octave 5 Octave 5: Function - Module - Instrument Concept
Octave 1 It's a mini electronic organ useful to learn electronics and music at the same time
Electronic Laboratory What is L10 Electronic system? our expertise
L10 Catalog Electronic L10 function modules and Ended projects
Jordi.Autocet bibliography Bibliography, subject guide

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Manipuladores Industriales Project about Industrial Manipulators, Conceptual MH, MV, MP and MS Series
Controladores Industriales Project about Industrial Controllers, Conceptual PC386, PC586 and PLC51 series
SPACT  Project about Industrial Sequencers and Servosequencers

Links & Projects

Autocet Electronic Outside server on the same Autocet Project
Befaco Befaco is a school of synthesizers
Eurorack modular frames Warlock Design it's a way to build a eurorack frame with aluminum profile
L10, My personal PCB format For years I make my personal way of PCB 100x40, based in a quarter of eurocard 100x160
Autopatch, Concepto ¿Cómo debe ser un Autopatch de Befaco? (Foro Befaco)
Directorio TEORIX teorix es un directorio abierto en este servidor personal sobre L10 (Foro Befaco)
Warlock 6000 Este es el proximo objetivo del proyecto Warlock Design (Foro Befaco)
Fabricación de PCB, Método L10 Objetivo General: Compartir circuitería electrónica a través de PCB no profesional. (Foro Befaco)

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